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It's what's on the inside that counts

Ogopogo Salsa is produced in a custom factory designed and built by Tyler Chartrand

Custom stainless steel sinks, canning vats, and lifts makes it possible to process our freshly picked fruit.  We believe that the good vibes produced in a happy space makes for the tastiest of salsas!  Unlike the windowless factories that produce most of the world's salsa, we bring the light back into the kitchen. 


Preserving the Harvest

In 2011, Tyler Chartrand was studying for his bachelor degree, majoring in accounting and enrolled in an entrepreneurship course. During this class it was discovered that a local healthy salsa was not yet readily available in the Okanagan, despite the copious amounts of tasty fruit grown each year.  Following his intuition and joy of cooking, Tyler wrote a business plan, applied for funding, and began construction on a dedicated salsa kitchen in his parents' basement! After spending the summer break planning and building, he missed the first month of fall classes to make his first batches of salsa!

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